Mental mediumship alows me to see, hear, feel, and visuliaze symbols from the spirit realm. Divine beings also communicate with me through telepathy. Since birth a guardain angel has guided and taught me the devepolment of mediumship. My guardian will stay with me throughout my entire life. Mark is what I call him. We work like a team, for his job is to be my teacher. He helps me interpet messages from the spirit world so I can properly deliver them to the person in need. I am not special or differnt from any other human being. I dont have special powers and I can't fly. We are all born differently. One person is born with brown hair, one will grow to be 6'8, and one will see the spirits that others may not. 

Before the reading:

Ask the spirit you wish to contact to commuincate through the medium. 

Remain open minded.

Have love and gratitude towards the spirit for they do not have to commuincate. It is a gift!!!!

Clear your mind from skepticism for spirits do not desire to prove theirself to you and neither do I.

I have never met a skeptic or a critizer that has tried to help people.

If I am unable to to speak with the spirit you desired, there will be no charge and I will refer you to another medium.  

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