Meaning of Life

Succeeding in this lifetime is merely a paycheck, a title at the end of a name, the amount of degrees we obtained is what makes us succesful. The size of our home, the car we drove, and the money we made is what makes us desirable. Its what makes us noble. To the religious guru's out there its how many church hours and bake sales for the homeless charity we acheived. Life has lost its meaning. Is humanity really this blind? Is everyone only considering theirself, their families? Hell, some peoples dogs and cats get better treatment than the man begging on the corner. Churches feed the homeless and so does the goverment. We are the richest country, right? Money, aka piece of paper, makes us all rich. I wish i could sit down with every human here and talk to them one on one. I would tell them that love is all we need. I would share with them the heaven I long for, where everyone is equal, a place where we all have the same amount of possesions. A place that could exsist where everyone saw each other for who they simply were inside. One can dream I guess. Can we even fix whats designed to be broken? Why are we getting lost in this world. The essence of who we are, our true strength and our loving spirit can not be bought with money, it has no title, and doesn't understand theory. Isn't the meaning of life simply waking up happy every morning and striving to be a good person. To be kind, loving, giving, and not judgemental. Life is digging our toes in the sand, feeling the sunshine on our skin, and loving who we are. Changing the world for the better. To offer hope, guidance, and love. Man, I must have lost my mind. Who could ever accomplish such a thing? 

"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."- Apple Computers

One who questions

A high priest named, Peter Gilmore, dedicated his life to his religion. Completely dedicated to spiritual practice. He questioned his own spirituality so that he may learn to teach others what is right for them. He called himself an opposer. Peter sounds like an amazing man Right? An accomplished human being that sacrificed himself to guide others. Peter was the founder of the first church of Satan. In hebrew satan means one who questions, an opposer. Well now Peter seems horrible cause I said the word "satan". Your brain automatically thinks of evil and hate. Society has programmed your mind to think like this. The bible is transalated from the hebrew language and satan simply means one that questions. No where does the word evil, hate, bad, or any type of negativity go with that. Sunday morning maybe the minister will preach to you and save you from the evil hell that is out to get us all. Commending us to Hell if we dont go to church. We burn for eternity if dont read the holy book. Your lost in a lie, face the true thats hard to swallow. Don't let this earth control your mind. Our soul is what really matters, the life that the creator breathed into us is meant to be lived not feared. The veil of illusion is expiring. Start living, star loving eacg other, and most of all love yourself. To the ones that disagree with this article please tell spiderman and Hercules I said HI.

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."- Albert Einstein


Spiritual seeds are planted among the living they grow and multiply the humans are a living garden of spiritual energy what gets planted what grows within them and what they pass on to others is all part of the process of the balance of energy the more bad that happens in the world the more bad things happen to the world no matter how many times the people saw Gods hand at work in their lives they chose to repeat cycles of darkness that led to there misery then the people would ask for Gods help but he had been there the whole time they continue to tell him they have problems but Gods definition of a problem is a humans lower perception of a real spiritual experience of love that is not yet being fully understood by them so they see it as a problem but "problems" our just growth and phases of learning so God sent guides to show you how to truly live as your true self so you may pass it to everyone that crosses your path.

The society humanity follows

The majority of the human race accepts the ideas of our society. Following is easier in most peoples minds. People would rather accept irrational concepts instead of creating their own idea. We allow "soceity" to tell us how to live, the difference between right and wrong, and what success is. This shouldn't come as I shock to anyone reading this, its just facts. What intrigues me is that very few people go againist this concept. Humanity goes to work, comes home to watch televison, eats dinner, and has no desire to understand why? Humanity has no desire to seek knowledge, truth, or even change. People what purpose and belonging in order to fit it. People strive for their life to have meaning, so they can leave their childern with memories. I hear others say "life is hard", but how? What do they have to compare hardships to? Instead of humanity overcoming their "hard life" they stay stuck playing the victim. I have asked myself several times why I can't think like "normal" people. I view my mind as being evovled and guidanded from divine beings from other places of exsistences and I am thankful for being able to truly accept myself. For not letting fear or critiscim stop me from being who I am. If everyone chose to tell me I was crazy and compeltely delusion it wouldn't matter, because I learned to accept myself without needing any approval from society. Believing in yourself brings more happiness than striving to succeed by an idea that society created. Intellegence exsits in everyones brain, but don't allow fear of change or critisicm from others stop you. Remember, the ones that critze fear change. Hearing people hate their life, listening to what they want but can't have, what they desire but in their mind will never get, watching them strive to be accepted but still wish they could be more just feeds my drive even more. Humanity wasn't created to treat others the way we do. To catergozie each other, to judge, or to have status. Some may say this will always be, but I say they were just to scared to change it. Science may say we evovled from apes and maybe we did or maybe we just accepted scienctific proof cause a few people said we should. Or maybe Adam and Eve created the entire human race and we are all related. But we are far from Apes and Adam has been dead for quite some time now.

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